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Your Home Style: A Craftsman Home Starter Guide

25Jun 2020

The great opportunity to work with Nelson Design Group fell into my lap by chance. Before that moment, my expertise in the home design world was limited to passing judgement on local homes for sale and occasional Facebook posts from realtor friends. My paltry experience with the architectural world was guided only by personal tastes. Of course, being immersed in floor plans, exterior materials, and structural design daily, I fancy myself a rather experienced novice in a fairly short time. Though I have not forgotten the early mistakes of assuming I preferred one home style only to learn I had completely confused it for another. This guide is designed to make your house plan search an easy, enjoyable mission. Understanding what makes a home craftsman, European, or modern will greatly help guide you to the perfect home plan!

Your Multipurpose Mudroom and Garage Entry

19May 2020

Life is messy, generally speaking. With all your responsibilities, your hobbies, your children (furry or otherwise) requiring love, attention, and dedication. Maybe everyone else has their lives put together in a reasonable, logical fashion. Not in my house! Our constant on-the-go lifestyle has turned our garage and mudroom into a catch-all of school items, dog leashes, pantry items, and seasonal clothings. It’s a disaster zone.

Summer-Ready Waterfront Home

05May 2020

With the weather warming and swimsuit season looming, we are all thinking about when we can rush off to the beach or lake! Stunningly hot afternoons punctuated with lazy relief cooling in the water and soothing sunburns on your vacation home covered porch. Who else is ready life to resemble something a little more normal? I’ve got a craving for sandy toes and tan lines!

There are a few months yet until anyone can safely capitalize on these warm and sunny days. For empty-nesters, growing families, and everyone in between, turning your vacation home into a permanent residence is more than a pipe dream! I’ve gathered some of our best coastal vacation house plans to jumpstart your beach mode:

Rustic Vibe, Modern Living

22Apr 2020

The Aspen Retreat house plan is designed by award-winning designer Michael E. Nelson. Aspen Retreat is a rustic craftsman bungalow style house plan with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. With 3,698 square feet of living space, this pleasantly inviting home plan emphasizes togetherness and entertainment. From the vaulted ceilings in the Great Room to the angled rear covered porch to the expansive Media Room, Aspen Retreat brings modern-day to the rustic, mountain-inspired craftsman home!

What's Your Ceiling Style?

17Apr 2020

We spend so much of our time focusing on the walls, the flooring, the very expensive (but wildly charming) crown molding all to improve and personalize our home. Far too often, the ceiling is left simple. Now, there is nothing wrong with simplicity. But choosing an alternative to the conventional ceiling is an amazing way to redefine your home! Opting for a specific ceiling type can emphasize your open floor plan or add depth to a Master Suite. I've gathered a list of unique ceiling alternatives to highlight your wide range of options when building your home:

Plans With Room To Grow

15Apr 2020

Like most of the country right now, we’re all spending a fair portion of our life at home. Some of us are still working from home and the paperwork stacking up is highlighting how difficult working off the kitchen table can be. Some of us are trying to keep busy with housework and truly regret not adding extra shelving and storage space, I mean, honestly, where does all this stuff go? Others yet are managing both tasks with a small entourage of youths squeaking hungry demands every 20 minutes (Hang in there, folks).

The biggest thing happening to my family is a desperate need for more space on all fronts. An active part of our time at home now belongs to organizing what room we currently and planning on expanding. That dream home Pinterest board has really come in handy after all. To make the transition easier for anyone else cramped in not-so-cozy quarters, here are some of my favorite new house plans with plenty of room to move, grow, and breathe in! Find your favorite room and start envisioning the upgrade!

Tips for a First Time Stay-At-Home Life

Stay-At-Home Survival Tips

24Mar 2020

Homeschool In Your New Home

COVID-19 has everyone wary of big gatherings. We are all practicing social distancing, refreshing our hand-washing technique, and staying home as often as possible. If you are feeling a little stir-crazy or have little ones roaming about the home, I’ve gathered some sanity-saving ideas, as well as free programs and activities to keep everyone entertained and healthy.

Landscaping and where to begin

Landscaping Expectations

13Mar 2020

My neck of the woods didn’t get a true winter this year. It was soggy and dreary, that’s for sure! Now that spring is starting to show, we all are chomping at the bit to get outdoors again. Fresh air, sunshine, and flowers blooming begging our attention outdoors. Unfortunately, we don’t always like what we see when we do finally get outside. Luckily, you’ve chosen a Nelson Design Group house plan to stand out from the cookie-cutter homes in your neighborhood. How do you create a lawn to match?


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