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Discounts and House Plans by Steph Nelson

09Aug 2016

If you’re thinking about building a home, which is most likely your biggest investment, you’ll want to watch your spending from day one. The best source for savings for a job-site ready set of house plans is from a well established nation stock home plan design firm. This will also help ensure that your building plans are legal and you are abiding by Federal Copyright Law.

French Country designs by Steph Nelson

02Aug 2016

French country house plans are also known as French Provincial homes. These houses do not have a specific design. They can be seen in various forms ranging from simple farm house to stately chateau. Yet there are certain features that distinguish these houses from the rest. For instance, French homes are symmetrical and have large hipped roofs. Arched entryways, extensive use of stone or brick with iron accents, and beautifully designed exteriors are also the specialty of these houses.

Nelson Design Group plans have Multi-Purpose Rooms *Steph Nelson*

26Jul 2016

Summer traffic opens up a heavier traffic flow inside outside and over again. Most times grass and dirt tracks in and can really create upset if tracked through the house. .One way to help eliminate the mess is to have a mudroom with floor drain and decluttering station with kids nook, hobby space in laundry room and a bathroom with shower steps from the outside. This works great for swimming pool drying area too! Nelson Design Group House Plans have many multipurpose rooms with over-sized laundry mud rooms and hobby area flexible space for many purposes.

Have you considered a duplex as an investment? *Steph Nelson*

21Jul 2016

Building a duplex or triplex is a fantastic way to have living quarters and an investment! Many empty nesters may choose to build a duplex, occupy one side and rent the other. It’s a great set up in most situations. I believe that seniors might also develop a sense of security by knowing there’s a neighbor just a few steps away in case of emergency. If you think this is a possibility for you or someone you know, check out our Multifamily Collection of designs. You’ll find economy to luxury duplex designs in all sizes and styles!

Check out our Pool Houses this summer!

14Jul 2016

Summer time is here. This is when everyone removes the cover from the pool and seeks relief in the cool water. Fun and relaxation are the top words that come to many minds when talking about the pool.

Some may be thinking of this time with dread, though. Dread for cleaning up the water trails left behind as everyone comes inside. Dread for cleaning up the mud and grass tracked inside. Dread for convincing the wet pool-goers to stay off the furniture!

Avoid those pesky mosquitoes

01Jul 2016

Summer nights can be ruined by pesky insects...particularly mosquitoes! It's hard to enjoy the summer night sky when you are swatting at insects that want to bite you.

Nelson Design Group offers a solution: screened porches. Many of our designs offer great outdoor living areas that contain screened porches or sunrooms.

Check out Seth M. Nelson's 1002 Hanover Manor:

Custom Home Plans Made for You

28Jun 2016

Blueprints аrе prints mаdе оn а specially prepared substrate ѕuсh аѕ cotton, paper, оr Mylar. Thе material оn whісh thе blueprints аrе mаdе іѕ coated wіth а light sensitive solution. Whеn exposed, thе solution sets іntо а dark blue color, leaving thе unexposed portions white. Thе result іѕ а traditional blueprint, аlѕо called а cyanoprint, а design іn white аgаіnѕt а blue background.

In-Law Suites

10Jun 2016

The Baby Boomer generation is entering retirement age. This generation has a large population of individuals that are becoming the first retirees to be this well educated, financially stable, and seeking alternatives to traditional retirement living. In fact, studies have shown that this generation does not view themselves as old and with the average adult lifespan lasting many more years, this generation will likely have many years to enjoy retirement. Many are downsizing and moving in with family. However, they do not want to completely give up their privacy.


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Best House Plan Designer
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Earn CASH for buying NDG plans!
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