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Selling Your Home

02Jun 2017

When it is coming time to build your new home there are plenty of stresses including selling the home you are in now. You’ll want your current home to sell quickly and top dollar. This doesn’t just happen with luck but if you put in some work at the beginning you’ll certainly be glad you did. And lucky for you there are a few steps that you can take that will help.

Centurion Stone

05May 2017

Meet one of our newest SmartChoice Home Products™: Centurion Stone.

Established in 1969, Centurion Stone is one of the oldest veneer manufacturers in the world. All of their products are manufactured in their main location in Nashville Tennessee, which is one of the most modern production facilities in the veneer industry. This enables them to maintain quality control and produce exceptional veneer stone siding.

NDG 668 - Willow Lane

Be Our Guest

28Apr 2017

Company is coming and it is time to turn the whole house upside down for a deep cleaning. You’ll clean even the parts of the house that visitors rarely will set foot just because the in-laws are coming to stay for the week. We all know we tend to go a little overboard when preparing for company but what is really the most important rooms to be cleaned and ready? The guest bedroom and bathroom of course! And, how much easier would that be if you had a guest room or even a guest suite in your home, always ready for company?

NDG 1299 - Evergreen Cove

Not Just For The Butler Anymore: The Butler's Pantry

21Apr 2017

Think a butler’s pantry is only for those with a butler? Then think again. This convenient addition to a home is not reserved for those with staff members at their beck and call. In fact, for those of us who do all the prep work ourselves, when entertaining guests, a butler’s pantry is a great option!

Golden Rule of House Design

Customizing Your New Home

06Apr 2017

Have you searched through hundreds of designs and plans, trying to find the perfect fit for your dream home? After sorting through pages and pages of stock house designs, have you still not found the right one?

There are literally tens of thousands of home designs available in books, in catalogs and on websites. Some of them might come close to your vision. Now you may be narrowed down to a handful of home plan concepts. The façade on one might be gorgeous while the floor layout in another is precise. But blending the two doesn’t work.

Making Your House a Home

31Mar 2017

When moving into your new home there will be a sense of excitement for what is to come and a sense of nostalgia for what you’ve left behind. There are sure to be many happy memories you leave behind at your old home and moving into your new house can feel a bit empty at first but making your new house a home is not as hard as it may at first seem.


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Earn CASH for buying NDG plans!
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