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Photo Contest

25Apr 2016

So you found the plan you love. You purchased it. You built your home. Now show us how it turned out! Usually after someone purchases a home plan, we are unaware what the final product looks like. Sure our designer created it. Our art department created a beautiful color rendering. However, it is that final product that we want to see. Once the construction crew leaves and you are left with a beautiful dream home, we would love to see photos of your home.

Introducing the Seth M. Nelson Collection

22Apr 2016

Nelson Design Group is pleased to introduce a new design collection, SMN Designs ( a unique blend of contemporary and traditional southern styles. Open floor plans, an abundance of windows, and a mix of materials come together to create innovative designs that are sure to impress. Each of these designs can be modified to your individual tastes allowing you to have the contemporary home of your dreams. Designer Seth M.

Five Factors that Determine House Plans: *Steph Nelson*

20Apr 2016

A large number of individuals believe that if they own a home, it is going to be the greatest investment they could ever have. Although it is true, majority don’t know there is a key element that can increase the value of any home. The house plans play an important role in determining the life of a home.
The foundation, structure and beauty of a home depend on the creation and assumption of house plan. So it is really important to pay close attention in designing the house plan. The following are the five things to consider when making home plans:

Need a plan? *Steph Nelson*

18Apr 2016

We have them! has more than 1200 house plans in almost every size and style you can imagine. There are so many things to consider when you begin your home plan search so let us help you on the front end keeping the process affordable for you. Be sure that you are have permission from the original plan designer to use a floorplan no matter where you find it. We want you to have a great experience and build your new home within the Federal Copyright guidelines.
See a few of our newest house designs:

Contemporary Design

13Apr 2016

Spring is the time of year when things begin anew. Flowers bloom, animals are born, new life is shown all around us. Spring cleaning can lead you to thinking of beginning anew, too. Maybe it’s time your decor took on a fresh new look. You don’t have to build a whole new home to have one that looks new. Maybe you built (or bought) the home several years ago...when you did, you loved the design. However, now...not so much.

The exclusive Michael E. Nelson Collection

11Apr 2016

Nelson Design Group is a nationally published firm. If you have visited several other sites, chances are you have come across one of our home plans at some point. Our founder, and award winning designer, Michael E. Nelson, creates new designs quite often. He also does custom design work. So, you don’t see a plan that suits your needs? No problem! We will modify our plans for you or even start from scratch to create a custom plan!

Landscaping & Lawn care

07Apr 2016

Spring is the time of year we all are chomping at the bit to get outdoors again. Fresh (warmer!) air, sunshine, and flowers blooming beckon us outdoors. Unfortunately, we don’t always like what we see when we do finally get outside. Winter wrecks our beautiful lawn and flowers. Plants die from the bitter cold. So, sadly your lawn may be a bit drab to start the spring.

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home

05Apr 2016

When the temperature heats up we all want to head outside. Unfortunately, we can’t always enjoy the outdoors like we would want. Many different factors can come into play: allergies, insects that bite or sting, and even spring showers! So, let’s look at some home plans that allow you to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home! This can be accomplished in many different ways: screened porches, scenic windows, and even atriums!

Need help finding a builder in your area?

01Apr 2016

So you have picked out the perfect house plan. So who is going to build it? Some people will have already chosen a builder before choosing a plan. However, this is not the case for everyone. Maybe you love the plan, but haven’t found a builder in your area yet.

Well, no worries! Nelson Design Group can help you out with home plan searches and builder searches, too! One special section of our website is designed to help you find the builder you need. After all, the plan won’t build itself, will it?


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Best House Plan Designer
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