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Examining House Styles: Mountain and Cabins

20May 2019

There is nothing quite like the view from the top of a mountain. The sky seems so close, like you could reach up and scoop the clouds up in your hands. The rivers seem so far below you, like they are a still life painting. The breeze is slightly cooler and the air is just a little cleaner. You can almost taste the sunshine because you are the first one it touches. It makes you feel alive. That’s where the inspirations for the Mountain Style homes come from.

custom house plan

Custom Homes, Spec Houses and Modifications: Plan Spotlight

17May 2019

So you’re thinking about building a house. You have certain things in mind for your dream home. This many bedrooms, that many bathrooms, the Great Room looks like this, etc. So you’re looking through house plan after house plan, website after website and you’re just not seeing what you need. You even called that friend that your granddad recommended that used to build houses and he couldn’t find you one. Don’t despair! We can help.

House Plans

Custom Homes, Spec Houses and Modifications

15May 2019

When you are looking at house plans or looking for a new home, sometimes you see what you think is going to be THE one. You see the plan and you’re like “Yes! This is it!” You start envisioning your furniture in the house. Start thinking about you and your family spending time in the house. You’re excited. You want this house. And then you realize the Master Bedroom’s closet is too small. Or the Kitchen needs more space so you can have a pantry. Or there aren’t enough windows. Or you realize that what you are looking for is an updated version of the house you grew up in.

farmhouse house plan

Modern Farmhouse Style and New Plan Spotlight

13May 2019

Simplicity: we all crave it in our hectic lives. From the moment we get out of bed in the morning until we finally get to lay down and relax at night, we are going nonstop full steam ahead. Phones are ringing, emails are coming in, kids are crying, and now the cat sees an empty spot in his food bowl. Of course, we want the simpler life. We need to have an oasis of calm and peace. For most, that is their home. And that dream leads to many different interpretations of what calm and peaceful is. For many, that interpretation looks like a Farmhouse.

House Plans

Building Your Dream Home: Exterior Doors

10May 2019

So here we are again. We’ve gotten a lot done in the last several weeks. You’ve got walls, a roof, some plumbing, a little electrical, and some HVAC in there. Your house is starting to look like, well, a house. We’ve still got a lot to do, but we’re getting there. Now maybe we can get some work done on the outside of the house. So in true Salt N’ Peppa style, let’s talk about doors, baby!

That’s not how that song goes? Oh.

House Plan Spotlight: Luxury Style

08May 2019

California is home to some of the most fabulous luxury homes in the world. While this will always be the case, there has been a large number of luxury homes being built around the world. A luxury lifestyle doesn’t have to be just for the rich and famous. Everyone deserves to have a little luxury in their lives. Here at Nelson Design Group we offer dozens of Luxury Style house plans to give you all of the luxury you will ever need.

Examining House Styles: Luxury

07May 2019

When one thinks of luxury many things come to mind. For some people, the idea of luxury conjures the images of servants and cocktail parties and grand events that feature only the most prestigious guests. For others, this makes them think of large homes with airy rooms and a worry free existence. They think of luxury and imagine days spent lounging by the pool and enjoying lunch on the balcony. Both of these ideas are correct. Confused? Let me explain.

House Plans

Building Your Dream Home: Rough-In

03May 2019

There’s a flurry of activity on your work site this week. Your builder has called in three different subcontractors and you can barely pull in the driveway around their trucks. What is going on? Did something go wrong? Wait, is that the building inspector? Why are they here?

House plan featured above is our Ambrose Boulevard (NDG 953) plan.

House Plan Spotlight: Rustic Style

02May 2019

When you think of the word “rustic”, you probably think of cowboys on horseback and campfires. You might also think of a beach scattered with driftwood and a wind battered house on a summit above the ocean. Or maybe your version of “rustic” is a stately lodge on top of a snowy mountain with a stone fireplace and raw wood beams lining the ceiling above you. Or maybe you think of a white house in the middle of a verdant green field with chickens in the yard. And all of those are correct. The Rustic style of home building is homage to the pioneer days of America’s past.

House Plans

Examining House Styles: Rustic

30Apr 2019

One of the most iconic times in American history is the expansion into the West. Pioneers battling unfamiliar weather and harsh conditions to make a home for themselves far from the increasing pollution and crime of the larger cities in the East. Rustic style is homage to that, the same way that shows like Bonanza and games like The Oregon Trail are. Having a Rustic style home, however, doesn’t require you to be able to ride a horse or face the threat of dysentery.


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