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Building vs. Buying

Published at June 18 2024 by

Have you ever been in need of a new home, but not know the first step to take? Your first instinct might be to contact a realtor. If you're new to your area, it can be a little overwhelming to go at it alone. Sometimes the quickest solution is to purchase a home for sale on the market and make changes over time to make it your own. This can also sometimes seem easier than starting from scratch. What some don't realize is that it can be more costly to update an existing home verses building your dream home just the way you want it. We're diving into some of the options you have when building vs. buying!

Save on Cost

Many believe when buying a home, you're saving money by not building new. However, what most don't realize is that many homes on the market can be dated. From older styles to outdated appliance and ages materials, there are so many things that needs tweaking or updating to make it your own when you purchase a new home. Some of these updates can rise the cost of the home and leave you investing event more than your original mortgage payment. New appliances and light fixtures could lead to needing updated electrical work. Older heat & air units can require a purchase of a new one only months into your new home. Aging to the home could lead to a need for foundation repairs, framing work, insulation updating, updated paint colors, water damage repairs, and so much more. 

It's no wonder why purchasing a home can be a nerving experience. Save yourself the headache and try building for a change. What most don't realize is that finding land and building from the ground up, while might cost you a little more up front, could end up saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. Find a Nelson Design Group house plan and building from scratch gives you unlimited potential. Not only will you be designing your dream home exactly the way you desire, you'll also rest easy knowing that your home has the newest of materials, the most up-to-date design elements, the most up-to-date energy efficient elements saving you hundred a year on your electrical bill, and so much more. Building with new products also mean having a warranty on multiple items in your new home. If something were to need updating within the first few years, you're covered.

Get it right the first time!

When you buy and build, you end up paying for multiple aspects of the house twice. You pay for items initially with the purchase of the home, then you pay for the replacement or update of that item. Building gives you the opportunity to get it right the first time. We hear all kinds of DIY horror stories of couples purchasing a home with the intention of tearing out a wall to open up the floor plan, only to find out that wall is load bearing and in order to eliminate that wall would cost more than the wall itself. When you purchase a NDG home design, you have the opportunity to sit down with our plan experts to achieve the perfect layout of your home before construction even begins. Open floor plan, you've got it! Need a bonus room, we'll find a way to give you all the extra space you need. 

Another benefit of starting fresh is getting to pick out your own elements of the house. There's no need in paying extra to redo your kitchen cabinets when you can purchase exactly what you want the first time. Work with us an our partners at Kitchen Aid to pick our your dream appliances. Work one-on-one with us and you'll have access to our friends at Closet Maid for all of your storage needs. Working with us, our policy is you name and we will find a way to make it happen for you! We do everything we can to make sure your dream home is everything you've dreamed of.

What if I don't have a builder?

You're in luck! Because we've been doing this for over 35 years now, we've developed a great network of builders in different areas of the United States. Contact us and when you purchase a house plan with NDG we can help place you with the perfect builder to meet all of your construction needs. You can even browse our incredible list of builders on our Find a Builder page. Our builders are some of the best in the business and are here to help bring your dream home to life!

Where do I start?

First things first - It all starts with a dream. Browse thousands of plans right here at Nelson Design Group! Find the style that fits you. Figure out how many bedrooms you need. What recreational areas will you need? Do you have a need for an office space? These are all things to ask yourself when looking. Next, give us a call at 870-931-5777. We can help put you in contact with the right people: mortgage lenders to figure out your budget, realtors to sell your current home, and builders to start your building journey. 

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