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House Plans With A View

Published at November 01 2024 by LStone

House Plans With A View

You say it on vacation and when you’re at your favorite locations… but you could be saying it when you build the house that is right for you in the location that is right for you. So why not say this phrase everyday: “Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to this view every day?" Whether that dream location is on the side of a mountain overlooking a beautiful tree line or in the woods looking into the trees the only way you are going to see those views are with a house plan that features large windows for viewing. Nelson Design Group has several plans to choose from. House plans that have views are not always about location. Maybe the view you are looking for is curbside appeal on your house plan. So what are the benefits of house plans with large windows and great views? • House plans with large windows allow for more natural light and cut down tremendously on the amount of electricity. • Large windows on a house allow for more viewing area of the yard which is great for families with children who play outside. • Light coming through larger windows will make rooms feel open and brighter. • Building your home with larger windows not only gives you the view of the land around you but it really allows you to bring the outdoors inside.

SMN 1023 by Nelson Design Group

House Plan SMN 1023 by Nelson Design Group is a contemporary house design that features a large window with an arched covered porch. The porch on the house plan allows for the shade from the suns harmful rays, but the giant windows allow for natural light to fall into the dining room where the home owner could enjoy a nice cup of coffee watching the sun rise.

We love this Modern Plan because of all the natural light you able to receive on the front and side windows of the dining. The bedrooms on SMN 1023 are not lacking in size at all. While these rooms are not the size of the master they are designed with the same large windows as the located in the dining thus making any room you’re in feel just as big as the master. Another great example of a house plan with a view is SMN 1017.

SMN 1017 by Nelson Design Group

I mean, look at the windows on this Contemporary House plan!
Imagine waking up to the natural light in the great room every day. With windows this size you would almost never have to turn on the lights during the day. Not only do the windows on this plan make the house look bigger it also gives it a modern edge that adds to the curb appeal. Not only do you get the natural light through the great room window, but you see the large window theme carried over into the office as well.

Studies show that natural light boost productivity, improves your mood and helps you get better sleep at night. If home is where you want to relax then pick a House plan that will make you say, “I wake up to THIS view EVERYDAY!"