Life of Luxury: 20 Tips to Bring Luxury to Your Home

Life of Luxury: 20 Tips to Bring Luxury to Your Home

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Life of Luxury: 20 Tips to Bring Luxury to Your Home

Published at September 13 2024 by JFord

Wouldn’t you love for your home to look like a luxury mansion? Stepping into the space every day and experiencing the beauty and sophistication of a grand estate? If you’re like me, then your home is a little less Beverly Hills and a little more hillbilly. So, we are going to look at some tips and tricks to take your home to that next level.

You know what? You’ve got great taste. You probably already have a lot of these elements in your home. Let’s take what we know and what we have and add some new pieces and bring this look together.

20 Decorating Tips to Add Luxury to Your Home

One thing you have to remember about decorating your home, is that a lot of interior designers are incredibly creative people. There is a gentleman here in town that can look at something that may seem like trash to someone and turn it into a beautiful statement piece for a high-end hotel.

You have to open your mind a bit and think outside of the box. Look for things that may fit in the parameters of the design that may not be exactly in that style. Then your space is uniquely yours. I promise you; people will be floored by it and you will receive endless compliments. OK, now straight to it.

Wood TableHigh End Materials

We may not all be able to afford down pillows and satin sheets or solid wood furniture or even marble countertops, but we sure can fake it. You can add little pieces of high-end materials to your home and make it seem like you spend a lot more than you do.

Some of the most common materials that high-end designers use is leather, marble, antique gold, crystal, solid wood and fur. I know I can’t afford a leather sofa, but I can snag some baskets that have leather handles!

One tip when you are looking for these types of materials is to check secondhand stores and yard sales. I have an absolutely gorgeous old dresser in our bedroom. I purchased it second hand for next to nothing and it is solid wood and was made in the 20’s or 30’s. Check these places out. They will have old furniture and home décor items that can be used in new ways.

lamp on a tableLet the Light Shine

Use lamps instead of overhead lighting. Have you ever been in a really, really nice hotel? Or a nice spa? It’s not that bright in there. They tend not to use overhead lighting and instead rely mainly on lamps.

I’m not sure how it works, but it’s kind of tricks your brain into thinking that the space is more elegant than it may be. You can use that to your advantage. Bright spaces make us think of outside where it is bright and hot. Low lighting makes us think of cozy spaces.

framed art on a wallPicture This

Art is an easy way to make your home seem like you spent way more money on it than you did. You don’t have to actually spend that much on art to make it look good. One of the friends of the family has a collage of pictures from when their kids were little on one of the walls in her living room. The pictures are in their own frames and arranged in a neat pattern. This makes her home look super fancy.

Another way to get amazing art on a budget is to look into local artists. A lot of times there will be artists that are just starting out in your area. These artists are not going to charge as much for their art as you would expect to purchase from an art gallery. Check out the social media in your area. They may even be able to do custom work for you. Imagine, you are having a portrait of your family over your mantle. Doesn’t get any classier than that.

room with grey color schemeNeutral Color Schemes

Try to stick with greys, whites and beiges for the majority of your colors in your home. This way you can add pops of color as you need to or as the seasons change. I know that my house is mostly painted that odd shade of beige that is a mix between grey and beige and I can put in a multitude of different colors with it.

This way you can keep some of the same pieces when you want to change your look over. These colors tend to go with many different styles, but especially with farmhouse and luxury. Adding a pop of color is a great idea but remember that too many colors have a tendency to run over and clash with each other. Think the awful polyester shirts of the past…

Fluffy towelsClassic Pieces

There are some pieces that will never go out of style. My husband loves wingback chairs. They are a gorgeous piece that will never go out of style and are a great purchase. Another classic piece are fluffy white towels. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is lime green and orange, fluffy white towels are going to add a touch of elegance.

metal bulldog on tableHeavy Metal Rules

Add a bit of metal to your decorating. You don’t have to have more than a few pieces to bring in some luxury with them. In fact, one or two metallic pieces can bring a whole space together. Depending on what look you are going for, you may choose a different look for the metal.

If you are going for a modern look, you are probably going to choose silver, chrome or copper. If you are going for a more classic look, you may want to gravitate toward gold, brass or bronze. Really though, it all depends on your tastes and what you think looks good together. A cheap way of using this trick is to use metallic spray paint. This stuff is inexpensive, and you can take bargain pieces and turn them into masterpieces.

Two lit candlesMood Lighting

Candles are a great way to add elegance to your space. Luckily, they are not that expensive either. Candles take a small space and make it seem romantic or intimate instead of cramped. They also have the benefit of smelling great and freshening the air of a space.

black and white roomHigh Contrast

Interior designers use many tricks to make a space look a certain way. One of the oldest tricks is to use colors that contrast with each other to add depth to a space. White tiles on the walls and black flooring is a classic look that has been used in luxurious spaces for years. Or vice versa.

The high contrast in the colors makes you eyes see the space in exact dimensions. Most of the time, our eyes look for patterns and tend to see a space as smaller than what it is because we are making the walls match to each other visually. High contrasting colors break our eyes from doing that and make them see the space in the exact size that it is.

Fresh flowers in a vase Bringing in the Sheaves

A great way to make your home seem more luxurious is to have fresh flowers and plants. You don’t have to have a bouquet of roses brought in every day to bring the garden indoors. Most stores sell inexpensive bouquets of flowers or small house plants that would be perfect for adding a little greenery to your home.

Having plants in your home helps to cleanse the air and it has the added effect of making the room a bit brighter. A simple spray of flowers in a small vase can do wonders to the atmosphere of your home.

organized kitchen cabinetDeclutter

One thing that you do not see in luxury homes or hotels is clutter. I am afraid that I am the world’s worst about clutter. I’m not Hoarders level bad, but I’m getting there. So, it’s time to get rid of everything that you don’t need and put everything in its home.

Luxury homes always have a fresh clean look to them. That is probably because they can employ an army of maids. But a decluttered home is easier to keep clean, so they may only have one or two. For those of us who are the maids, a decluttered home may be an answer to an old problem.

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