Take Me Back To The Farmhouse

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Take Me Back To The Farmhouse

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Take Me Back To The Farmhouse

Published at March 26 2024 by tyler.fry@nelsondesigngroup.com

Take Me Back To The Farmhouse

With the ever growing popularity of the Farmhouse style, it's easy to look back over the past 10 years and see the extraordinary upgrade that Farmhouse Plans have experienced. Whatever your ideal plan style is, it's easy to fall in love with the modern farmhouse. From porch therapy to the simplistic stylings of the interior, Farmhouse Homes hold a value that every person can appreciate!

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Today's Farmhouse

What use to be known as a style specifically for country living has now adapted into a national favorite! The original American Farmhouse home design was birthed by modest needs for, surprise, farmers. Historically speaking, the original American farmhouses tended to keep enough space for the family, saving space for crops and livestock. Cobbled together with easily-sourced local materials, the floor plans were straightforward and simple.

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So one might ask themselves, what sparked the popularity so quickly?

Be it work, social life or anything in between, we as everyday people are constantly on the go. Think back to yourself and try to remember the last time you didn't have something on your list that had to be done or somewhere you didn't need to go. We'll wait. It's no wonder that with the busyness of everyday life, we all crave a little simplicity.

It's been said before that no matter how far we stray in life, a piece of us always craves a little bit of home. So naturally, we have the same tendencies when it comes to home design. Who doesn't love extravagance and elegance in a home? Regardless, it's refreshing to return to the simplicity of hardwood floors, soft color palettes, and front porch therapy.

Time for an Upgrade

While craving simplicity, no one ever said you can't enjoy the finer things in life! We find that to be equally true in home design. Over the years, we've seen an upgrade in the standard of the Farmhouse design. We adore the pairings of metal and wooden accents, along with the special touch of marble countertops and bronze accents.

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  • Formal Spaces: Our era takes great pride in open floor plan living and each farmhouse design will vary. A great, though sometimes forgotten, feature of traditional farmhouse floor plans are dedicated formal spaces. A formal dining room is magically elevated to new heights of sophistication when delineated from the rest of the social spaces. And bedrooms nestled in the back of the home or in private wings are classically farmhouse!
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  • Cozy Fireplaces: It’s hard to decipher if prominent fireplaces are a sign of the style or a sign of the historical origins. Either way, the farmhouse style looks better with a showcase fireplace! This is the ultimate home addition to give your charming rustic décor the proper lighting. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal with homegrown veggies like a crackling fireplace in the background!
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