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Warm Up Your Floor Plan

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Warm Up Your Floor Plan

Published at January 18 2024 by Bethany Pace

Warm up your floor plan with tips from Nelson Design Group! Steph Nelson, Home Design and Construction Consultant, always recommends reducing square footage throughout a home, if only by a few inches, to save on construction costs. This can free up money to be used for amazing products to help heat your home in colder climates!

Steph states, “Burrrrr! I do have my few pairs of fuzzy socks collected throughout the years. Although I’m appreciating them now, I didn’t know the value until lately – with this subzero weather in places, it shouldn’t be! It sure makes me long for fall leaves and spring bulbs.”

The rest of the Nelson Design Group Team couldn’t agree more! It’s pertinent to protect yourself and your future refuge from freezing temperatures and we’re here to help you do that - without breaking the budget.

Home Designs to Consider

Steph says, “We’re constantly referring our new home customers to small well-designed plans, like this popular modern house with a simple flyaway roof style.”

Like MEN 5445 the Avalon: https://www.nelsondesigngroup.com/content/house-plan-5445-the-avalon  

Men 5445 front left 8


MEN 5430 Willow Creek Cottage: https://www.nelsondesigngroup.com/content/house-plan-5430-Willow-Creek-Cottage

Men 5430 front right 2

 Choosing your flooring

No matter what style you prefer there’s a lot to be said for treating yourself to the right products. At Nelson Design Group we recommend carefully considering your flooring for extra protection against the elements in your humble abode.

A great product to keep your floors warm all winter long is heater flooring! Some of the best-heated flooring options can be found at https://www.suntouch.com/. As a leading residential home designer, we truly believe products such as a heated floor are perfect for providing extra comfort in your safe haven.

Steph says, “Some of the best floor finishes when you do use radiant heating for your floors are ceramic and porcelain. Marble tiles as well as thin stone make the perfect marriage since they conduct heat! Your floor will heat faster too therefore saving you a little more on your utility bill!”

Check out https://www.daltile.com to see great floor options.

Do you live in a climate that experiences freezing temperatures? Nelson Design Group is here to help you keep yourself and your new place of residence warm from its conception. Contact our Home Plan Specialists today to find out what is right for you and your family.