Book Lovers, Pack Rats, and Eccentric Collectors Unite Under Maximalist Design

Book Lovers, Pack Rats, and Eccentric Collectors Unite Under Maximalist Design

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Book Lovers, Pack Rats, and Eccentric Collectors Unite Under Maximalist Design

Published at February 28 2024 by Mal

We all know minimalist design is a classic choice for a contemporary modern home. What if that isn’t quite your style? Yes, minimalist is a very cool, nonchalant, unmaterialistic approach to declutter your space (and ideally your life). But how do you cut down to only the key pieces? Boy, do I have a treat for you. There exists an underrated design style called maximalism fully focused on adding more, more, more! These are my favorite No Rules Allowed starter tips to maximize your design fun.

Okay, in all transparency, I prefer maximalist design choices. Yes, less can be more. Marie Kondo does make some excellent points. However, life is full of constant curveballs, transition periods, and an eclectic mix of interests. My home is absolutely going to reflect that. It is an exciting carnival of colors, hobbies, and yeah, probably some clutter, too.

Lay The Base To Your Design

You don’t want your home to look like a flea market flash sale. The only rule in the No Rules Allowed maximalist book is “tie it together." The easiest way to do this is to start with your foundation. One idea is to choose an uncommon wood stain like Espresso, Weatherwash, or Rose to lay your base.

If a wood stain like these are a bit much for your floors, you can always choose to highlight your walls! Wallpaper is a timeless way to create a focal point and design foundation. These days, it is easier to apply than ever before! Choose a subtle print or a cheery, fun print. Maybe a stunningly glamorous background or a colorfully curious vintage pop art style!

Etsy has a great selection of peel and stick wallpaper and wall decals. Once you’ve laid the foundation to your design direction, it’s time to add some personality and pizzazz.

Strive For Personalization

You’re ready to start adding all the pieces you love! When starting on a blank or relatively bare room, I tend to narrow down my options to a few key styles or design eras just to begin. Everything falls into place after that. For a contemporary modern home, mid-century modern pieces are an excellent way sprinkle in some funky vibes with those sleek and bold lines.

This floor lamp from Target has strong modern style and would mesh well with art deco curio pieces. The bright brass will stand out in a sea of color and give depth to a more neutrally focused room.

I love this Groovy Swivel Chair from West Elm. It is a great statement piece. An interesting and uncommon color that can easily join a series of funky curving bar stools or circle mirrors. Or pair it with a sophisticated vintage assortment! Maximalism is about mixing and blending your favorite design eras to encompass you.

For a natural addition, try out a natural edge wood table. This works indoor and outdoor! You can give your design nautical touches with driftwood pieces like this. The warm color will work in nearly any maximalist style. And that’s the whole point of maximalism!

Knick-knacks, Curiosities, and Textures Galore

Now that you’ve got your large pieces, go wild with it! Intentionally clash your patterns. Mix your stone, wood, leather, and fabric. Using your walls and/or floors as a baseline, you can easily test out different elements until you find your right mix. Add a faux fur rug in front of a vintage vanity. Use an American Gothic-inspired ladder bookcase with a modern hanging egg chair. Drench your walls in pattern, color, and plants. My great room showcases two very tall, straight line open bookshelves. And a bold grassy green shag rug. Under the coffee table I upcycled from a set of old high school lockers. I have a series of anatomical skeleton illustrations for wall art. And almost every surface has antique guide maps from the 1920s. What is your passion? If you’re crazy for farmhouse tin, look for old milk jugs! If you’re a fashionista, hunt down a dress mannequin. Travel buff? Postcards everywhere and pop a globe on your counter! Whatever drives you becomes your design aesthetic. Every surface, open wall space, and even seating becomes a canvas to show-off every tiny trinket that’s caught your eye. It's time to love your space!

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