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Landscaping Expectations

Published at March 13 2024 by Mal

My neck of the woods didn’t get a true winter this year. It was soggy and dreary, that’s for sure! Now that spring is starting to show, we all are chomping at the bit to get outdoors again. Fresh air, sunshine, and flowers blooming begging our attention outdoors. Unfortunately, we don’t always like what we see when we do finally get outside. Luckily, you’ve chosen a Nelson Design Group house plan to stand out from the cookie-cutter homes in your neighborhood. How do you create a lawn to match?

Finding a starting place for a landscape upgrade can be a daunting task. You aren’t sure of the soil quality. There’s brush remaining in prime gardening spots. And you just aren’t sure how much time you have to tend to new plants. The one thing you are determined to see if bright, healthy greenery as you pull in the drive every day. There is hope for your lawn improvement yet! Start with a little research on where you want your new garden to flow and grow. Even a simple sketch of the space you absolutely want to see plant life flourish is a good jumping-off point! Think about where the kids or pets may be playing, if you have plans to add a shed, gazebo, or expand your deck. It would be heartbreaking to fall in love with your new garden and a year down the line need to tear up and relocate your favorite flowers. Make sure to note where you have any existing plants and trees to work with and around! Now is a great time to think about your watering system. In-ground sprinklers or manual watering by the hose! Anticipating your wanted level of involvement is an important step.You don't need to Bob Ross your sketch.

You’ve got a rough idea of how you would like to see it begin. You know you want in-ground sprinklers on a timer. And you know you want a pool installed next summer. Take a minute to do a little research on garden plants! Do you want nice, tall shrubbery for privacy and windbreak? Are you interested in attracting bees and hummingbirds? Maybe you just want something exotic and unusual! A quick dip into Google will give you great inspiration for garden layouts, but I suggest talking to your local plant nursery to find out what grows best in your area. Don’t forget to ask about any specific plants and flowers that have caught your eye! Having an idea of what grows well together and what plants need extra growing room is vital to planning your landscaping project."This is going to die the second I walk through the door."

What’s next for the average homeowner with average knowledge of lawn maintenance? You have your sketch, your vague layout ideas, and a rough selection of plants to include in your garden. Ready to grab a shovel? Not even a shovel. Please go with a professional.

Of course not. Leave it to the professionals! You dedicated time to selecting just the right house plan to build your future. Nelson Design Group is your trusted house plan provider and it’s time to trust a landscape professional! Good news for all the work you’ve already started. Your landscape team has a huge jump on figuring out just how to deliver your personal Eden! Most even offer free estimates...that helps big time when you want to compare providers and get the best deal. Call around to your local landscapers and ask details for their process. You will absolutely need a site analysis to begin. Ask if your landscaper can provide different options for their landscaping design.

Next, check some references! A little drive-by to see a home will give you much more trust in your team than a series of photos. You aren’t walking a stranger’s property, mind. But it will be good to see a newly completed project and one from a while back to see how moderate maintenance looks. Many landscapers also install irrigation and outdoor lighting! Examples of their work is important to finding the right landscaping team for your project.

Just remember to choose a provider based on what YOU want! Don’t let someone persuade you to grow exotic plants if all you really want is some simple daisies. Your home, your garden, and your wallet! Make sure you get what you want and what you can afford. Remember, you can call us for help finding that perfect home plan, or even creating your dream home! We are here to help! 870.931.5777

Here at Nelson Design Group, we are always ready to make your dream home a reality. If we don’t have the plan that is right for you, we’ll make one. We are experts in our field and have been doing this for over 30 years. Give us a call today and we will be glad to help.

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