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Safe Rooms & Surviving The Storm

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Have you ever heard these words and not known what to do: Tornado, Severe Weather, Storm Threats, High Winds, Shelter in Place? When up against a storm, it's an anxious time that can cripple even the strongest of people. Especially in the midwest and south, we see an abundance of storm damage during the spring and summer months. Open plains and high winds can sometimes leave even the best built homes in a pile of rubble. We all know that bathroom tubs and interior rooms with no windows are great places to take shelter during a severe storm, but there is one way that you can safeguard your family even more. We're diving into different safe room ideas that can not only keep your family safer, but also add value to your home in the process!

Solar Energy

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Solar Energy can not only increase the value of your home, but also save you thousands in monthly expenses as well. See how solar energy can benefit you in your home building process and how they will work with your house plans specifically.

Storm Doors & Their Added Benefits for Your House Plan

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Sometimes you can’t control what the natural elements might do to your door, but you can always take steps to protect it from such wear and tear. Perhaps the best form of protection you can implement is a storm door. Storm doors may sound like a thing of the past, but today they are much different from the beaten-up screen door you may have pictured in your head. They have much more curb appeal and offer an advantage, not just for your door, but for your whole house as well!