Corporate Spotlight: Panda Windows and Doors

Corporate Spotlight: Panda Windows and Doors

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Corporate Spotlight: Panda Windows and Doors

Published at May 07 2024 by JFord

The newest trend in home décor and design is windows. Not the windows we grew up with but floor to ceiling windows that lets you experience the great outdoors while still in the comfy indoors. A leader in this cutting edge design is Panda Windows and Doors.

Founded in 1990 by Avi Shoshan, Panda Windows and Doors is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This green company focuses on custom orders for their stunning aluminum and glass creations.

They pride themselves on sourcing sustainable resources and recycling. The company recycles thousands of pounds of aluminum every month.

A system from Panda Windows and Doors isn’t just pretty to look at. These functional works of art are made with patented thermal break technology. This keeps the heat where it needs to be and the cold in its place. Their designs are made with energy savings in mind. Not only are they functional and energy efficient, they also increase the value of your home.

All of their products are made in their state of the art manufacturing facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. The products are custom made to your specifications. Throughout the process, they are carefully evaluated by the staff. Each piece is handmade with great care to the satisfaction of the customer.

With more options than any other manufacturer on the market, Panda Windows and Doors is quickly becoming the top dog in their industry. If you are looking to merge your outdoor living space with your indoor living space in a truly unique and gorgeous way, Panda Windows and Doors is the way to go.



The TS.XO is their newest design and offers the largest option for glass paneling. The panels on this engineering marvel can be up to 250 square feet of glass per panel and 15 to 16 feet tall.

This product features recessed top and bottom tracks that are friendly to bare feet. You can customize the TS.XO in a wide variety of ways including motorized operation and smart glass.

Belle Maison SMN 1011

Belle Maison (SMN 1011)

Our Belle Maison (SMN 1011) plan is an ideal plan for the TS.XO by Panda Windows and Doors. The Great Room in this gorgeous home gives you a full wall to showcase both the TS.XO model windows and the custom designed pool in the rear of the home.

This 7,000 square foot home features 5 bedrooms, 6 full baths and 1 half bath. This plan is ideal for the car enthusiast with its garage showroom adjacent to the home. Take a look at this stunning example of a European style home.

Folding Windows and Doors

Folding Doors and Walls

Panda’s unique Folding Doors and Walls will take your breath away. Yes, that was folding doors and walls. These custom creations are available in a wide array of options to fit your needs.

These amazing windows and doors offer an unhindered view of the scenery around you. They come in a wealth of options to fit your needs and to complement your style.

Melrose Place MEN 5198

Melrose Place (MEN 5198)

Our Melrose Place (MEN 5198) plan gives you all the right reasons to purchase a set of Folding Windows and Doors from Panda Windows and Doors. The spacious Dining Room opens onto the outdoor entertainment area. Why not have it to where you can combine the outdoors and the indoors?

This stunning home with over 4,500 square foot of living space features 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths and 1 half bath. This home is ideal for someone who loves to cook and entertain with a large kitchen featuring double islands for tons of counter space.

French and Pivot Doors

French and Pivot Doors

For your entryway, Panda Windows and Doors has a collection of French and Pivot Doors that will give your entryway a dazzling effect. The custom European French Swing Door line is built to contain more than 70 square feet of material in a single panel.

This line of Swing Doors is made with specially designed hardware so that even heavy and oversized doors move with ease. These doors come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your needs.

Auburn Dale Place MEN 5139

Auburn Dale Place (MEN 5139)

Our Auburn Dale Place (MEN 5139) plan’s entryway gives you the perfect space for a set of French Pivot Doors from Panda Windows and Doors. The grand entrance to this French Country Style home is approached by a set of stone work steps. This stately doorway opens into the foyer before you move into the stunning great room.

This elegant home features 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths with over 2,000 square foot of living area. This plan gives you 2 separate garages with space for 3 vehicles. The main garage features a bonus room that can used as a guest room or workout area.

Sliding Walls and Windows

Horizontal Sliding Windows and Walls

Panda Windows and Doors also feature custom Horizontal Sliding Windows and Walls. Can you imagine a wall that slides open and closed? The horizontal Sliding Wall System operates along a single recessed track system. The Window and Wall panels are run along this track and can be stacked flat.

Alternatively, the panels can move in a bi-fold configuration. This allows for the weight to be distributed in the middle of the panels. Either configuration allows for a smooth and easy transition between open and closed. This allows endless possibilities for the installation of these gorgeous walls.

Barnwood Manor SMN 1014

Barnwood Manor (SMN 1014)

Our Barnwood Manor (SMN 1014) plan features an open floor plan with a spacious Great Room that blends into the Kitchen and Breakfast Nook. This space would be great for a wall that wasn’t always a wall. Where could you find something like that? The Horizontal Sliding Wall from Panda Windows and Doors would give you exactly that. For those days when you just want to cozy up next to the fireplace you could close the wall. For when the kids need an indoor racetrack, you could open them.

This 4,000 square foot plan gives you 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and 2 half baths. With the 2 bedrooms on the second story loft, this plan is ideal for someone with a family or someone looking to start a family.

Lift and Slide Doors and Walls

Lift and Slide Doors

Panda Windows and Doors also offer a beautiful selection of Lift and Slide Doors. These are closer to the sliding glass doors we all grew up with, but much improved. Remember walking outside barefoot and having to step carefully over the protruding track in the floor for the sliding glass doors? Not with these. The track is low profile and “barefoot friendly".

These are the crème de la crème of the sliding glass door. Their superior functionality and performances shows you why they are the best. This system comes in a range of colors and as always, is completely customizable.

Preston Drive SMN 1005

Preston Drive (SMN 1005)

Our Preston Drive (SMN 1005) Plan with its 2,600 square foot of living space features a spacious great room looking out over an outdoor living area. This would be an unmistakable opportunity for the Lift and Slide Windows from Panda Windows and Doors. An installation here would connect the great room to the outdoor living area, effectively doubling your area for entertaining.

This home also features 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. The master suite showcases a luxurious master bath with walk in shower and access to a private rear porch. This plan also has an attached 2 car garage.

Radius Doors

Radius Doors

The Radius Door collection from Panda Windows and Doors is absolutely beautiful. These custom sliding glass doors are designed to stack to keep your view from being obscured. This system gives you stuffing views and superior waterproofing technology.

I can imagine watching a thunderstorm roll up. Can't you just see the lightning crack across the sky without anything to obstruct your view? Or how about entertaining with nothing to separate your guests who are outdoors with your guest who are indoors?

Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens

As a native Arkansan, I can tell you with certainty that mosquitos are terrible, annoying little buggers. If you hate the presence of these little monsters as much as I do, take a look at the custom Retractable Screens system from Panda Windows and Doors. Yes, I said retractable, as in it disappears when you need it to. These are a perfect addition to your Panda Windows and Doors system.

The addition of your custom screen to your Panda Windows and Doors system gives you the ability to use your Panda Windows and Doors system year round. With a screen like this, you can leave your doors and windows open all summer long.

Panda Windows and Doors has been offering high quality products for over 20 years. They pride themselves on care: taking great care of their customers, handling every order with utmost care and caring about leaving this planet better than the way we found it.

Panda Windows and Doors is proud to be featured on hit shows such as HGTV, Fox Business, A&E, Animal Planet and DIY Network in 2019.