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Minimalist No More

Published at February 25 2024 by Mal

In the past, contemporary and modern design has gotten a bad reputation for being cold and impersonal. Not the case! Soften up those sleek, classy lines of a contemporary modern home you have fallen for so deeply. Accentuate the flow of your open kitchen/dining area! You put the extra work into selecting just the right house plan to showcase your own daring zest for life. Now it’s time you design and decorate to highlight your modern marvel! We’ve got the tips to help.

Take a look at Jasmine Manor. This home plan has a stunning silhouette with a low-pitched roof and clean, sharp lines. You want your interior to be a continuation of the beauty that drew you in.

Utilize the Space

A key design element for contemporary and modern design is the use (or lack) of space. Combining your art pieces to create a large collage or using free-floating shelves continues the flow of line and shape within your home. Oft times called “minimalist," we like to think less is more. It isn’t always about skimping on your style and dropping statement pieces. Consider instead, focusing on function and form! Use textured pieces to add depth in lieu of an endless assortment of throw pillows. Or choose a rug with subtle neutrals and a simple pattern! The goal is to remain as airy and open as your stunning floor plan. Life is fluid and you are going with the flow.

Shine Bright with Creative Lighting

If you selected a home like Sunside View – SMN 1000, you have exceptional natural lighting to work with. The incredible mix of size, shape, and sheer number of windows are going to dazzle all hours of the day. Use that to your advantage!

Seriously, look at these windows.

The entryway to this house plan starts with the foyer leading to an open kitchen/dining/living area just begging for a large kitchen island and bright barstools. Use track lighting through the foyer to guide the eye to the kitchen and living area. Or even spotlights on your brightly colored wall art before Wow-ing with a statement lighting fixture. Low hanging pedestal lights over your kitchen island in brushed or hammered metals are stunning statement pieces that continue the contemporary and modern flow of your home.

Color Your World

Yes, typically you will see a more subtle color palette in contemporary and modern design. But that doesn’t limit you to stark white and moody black! Add some warm neutrals to soften any room you feel is too harsh. Earthy tones come in a huge array of warm colors to create a unique, inviting space. Instead of releasing just one Color of the Year, Valspar has given us 12 colors to mix and match. These are great examples of how a neutral color can be contemporary, modern, and incredibly cozy. Benjamin Moore has a gorgeous soft rosy hue give a refreshing alternative to a generic beige. If a welcoming neutral still sounds a tad bland, how about a bold accent wall! An open house plan provides a sea of options for choosing an accent wall. Personal favorite is the new Naval by Sherwin Williams. It is rich, deep, and surprisingly warm for a blue. Use it for interior trim! Splash it on shared walls. Give the illusion of molding by applying a strip of Naval around a room! Bold is exciting and we are ready to see what you can do.

We Call It The “Natural Touch"

If you selected a contemporary modern home plan that highlights outdoor living like Preston Drive – SMN 1005, bring some of those natural elements indoors!

Channel your inner Mother Nature with a wall of succulents to utilize the wall space. Low maintenance AND they come in a range of earthy tones? Yes, please. Turn your plant décor into your statement wall pieces and keep with the flow of lines with a succulent wall frame. If you prefer an occasional plant, go for a stylish unique planter or vase. A subtle color in a geometric vase or a bright splash of color to tie the room together will look great! Guide the room to your outdoor living area and bring life to your entire home!

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