Christmas Rooms - Great Plans with Perfect Storage Options Part 2

Christmas Rooms - Great Plans with Perfect Storage Options Part 2

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Christmas Rooms - Great Plans with Perfect Storage Options Part 2

Published at December 17 2024 by JFord

Christmas isn’t the only holiday that we decorate for. I actually can’t think of one that we don’t decorate for, but Christmas is the big one. The kids just get so excited about it. Even if we didn’t have a deep love for this particular holiday, I think that we would be drawn into their excitement. And really why shouldn’t we? It only comes once a year and its that magical time of year where the kids are being extra well behaved and everyone is being super nice. Did I mention that the kids were being well behaved?

Decorating for Christmas can be fun and rewarding until you have to take everything down. That’s where the idea for a “Christmas Room" comes in. Instead of having to pack everything up and move it to somewhere to be forgotten for an entire year. “Christmas Rooms" aren’t just great for convenience, but you can also use them to display anything that you collect for that special time of year.

Great Plans with Perfect Storage Options

When you are looking for a space that is good for a “Christmas Room", you need to find a space that is easy to get to and is in the main portion of the house. We all know what happens to decorations that are not in a climate-controlled environment.

MEN 5151 and SMN 1020 probably have the most convenient storage areas for this sort of thing. Both of them are off the great rooms on those plans. That would make it easy to move the decorations back and forth. MEN 5206 has a storage room that is in the large laundry room. This makes it easily accessible for the main hallway in this house plan and easy to move things across the home.

Bryson Ridge (MEN 5151)

Bryson Ridge (MEN 5151)Bryson Ridge (MEN 5151)

This rustic plan gives you just over 2,100 square feet of living space with 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and 2 half baths. This house plan gives you plenty of curb appeal with a lovely covered porch that runs nearly the full length of the front of the home and a traditional gabled roof. The inside of the home has a grand open floor plan that incorporates the great room and kitchen. On the rear of the home, you will find a large covered porch and separated outdoor living area. This floor plan is made for the family who loves to entertain and have fun.

As you approach the home, the first thing that you notice is the traditional gable roof line. The covered porch on the front of the home may also catch your eye with its rustic exposed beams. The rest of the exterior of the home is covered in traditional board and batten siding with rustic accents.

As you enter the home through the double doors, you find yourself in the open floor plan that includes the great room and the kitchen. You immediately find yourself in between the two “rooms" in the open floor plan.

To your left you will see the fireplace that dominates the right wall of the great room. This great room also features a vaulted ceiling with exposed timber beams. There are four large double casement windows in this portion of the home. Two face the rear of the home and two face the front of the home. The left side of the great room, like any other classic open floor plan, gives you a perfect place to put in your dining table.

On either side of the fireplace you will find built-in shelving that is perfect for a home entertainment center. The great room also features French doors opening onto the covered porch that runs nearly the length of the rear of the home. This covered porch gives you a perfect place to grill out with a small kitchen area tucked away in the corner.

The porch has steps down that lead to an outdoor living area situated in the rear of the home. This outdoor living area gives you a cozy setting with an outdoor fireplace. Perfect for grilling or entertaining.

The kitchen is separated from the great room by an island that gives you bar seating for 5. The kitchen also includes a large corner pantry and plenty of counter space for prepping meals. The sink is on the rear wall and has a window that faces the rear of the home, making it a bit more enjoyable to be stuck doing the dishes.

Just past the kitchen you will find bedrooms 2 and 3. Each of these bedrooms have a large window that face the rear and front of the home, respectively and access to a linen closet as well as the hall bathroom that features a double vanity.

On the other side of the home, you will find one of the two half baths and a storage closet behind the fireplace in the great room. Past the half bath, you will find the large laundry room. This laundry room is big enough that it has to have its own window!

The rear of the home gives you ample space for the master suite. The master bedroom features a vaulted ceiling that continues the theme of the home from the great room and a large picture window facing the rear of the home. The master bath gives you a large shower and plenty of closet space for even the avid of shoppers.

This plan includes plan for a 2-car garage with a connected shop. This connected shop gives you a small porch area on the outside with plenty of room to work on the inside. The shop features a small sink and a half bath.

Flat Acres (SMN 1020)

Flat Acres (SMN 1020)Flat Acres (SMN 1020)Flat Acres (SMN 1020)

This is not your ordinary house plan. This is a specially designed plan from Seth Michael Nelson. This plan blends the love of the farmhouse style with a bit of the modern approach that Seth is known for. This plan gives you 3,200 square feet of living space with 5 Bedrooms and 3.5 Baths. It also features a 2 car Garage.

The first thing that you notice about this home is that it’s kind of looks like a barn. This home is perfect for people wanting a large home to build that has plenty of space both inside and out. The front of home is faced by a large covered Front Porch that spans the length of the home.

When you walk into the home you find yourself in an open-floor plan for the Great Room and Kitchen This floor plan would be perfect for large families. I can just see kids zooming across this space at lightning speed dodging each other (mostly) successfully.

The Kitchen features a wraparound countertop that gives even the most demanding cook plenty of space to fix their masterpieces. The Great Room features the spiral stairway to the Loft and entrance to both a storage room and to the Half Bath. This a perfect place for guests.

To the left of the Great Room and Kitchen you will find the Laundry Room/ Mudroom and Pantry. The Laundry Room/ Mudroom features a large countertop for folding and sorting as well as a farmhouse style sink for soaking stubborn stains. This Laundry Room even gives you a little mini shower that is perfect for someone coming in from working outside or for your furry friends. You can also access the pantry from this side of the Kitchen.

The Master Suite resides on this side of the home as well. It is separated from the rest of the home by a set of Barn Doors. The Master Suite features two large windows overlooking the front of the home. Moving through the second set of barn doors you find yourself in the Master Bath. This gives you both a large tiled shower as well as a whirlpool tub. This plan also gives you two walk-in closets for your Master Suite.

The other side of the home could be its own house. On the right side of the Great Room you can go through another set of barn doors and it will lead you to a small Living Room that is in the center of a four-leaf clover arrangement of awesomeness. The other 4 Bedrooms make up the leaves of the clover in this case and give you space on each of the four corners.

Bedrooms 1 and 2 share a Bathroom and Bedrooms 3 and 4 share a Bathroom but each has their own walk-in closet. And can you just imagine sending a bunch of kids to their own living room? Giving you all of the peace and quiet of your Great Room for you and your significant other? It would be amazing! Or you could send them to the Loft upstairs to play which has plenty of space for a work area, play area or even exercise area.

New Haven Place (MEN 5206)

New Haven Place (MEN 5206)New Haven Place (MEN 5206)

This contemporary modern farmhouse style house plan by award winning designer Michael E. Nelson is sure to please. This home design gives you just over 3,000 square feet of living space with 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths and 1 half bath. This farmhouse style floor plan combines the traditional farmhouse look with a contemporary modern flair while still maintaining the elegance and optimal use of space that Nelson Design Group is known for. On the exterior of this home, you can rack up some major curb appeal with the combination of white board and batten and the darker “exposed" wood coloring for the doors and shutters. On the inside, it is readily apparent that this is a contemporary modern plan with an absolutely massive open floor plan.

As you enter this home from the covered entry porch, you find yourself in the foyer and hallway. To the right of the foyer is the first of the 3 bedrooms. This spacious room is perfect for an older kid or to be used as a guest room. It features a double casement window that looks out onto the front of the home, a small walk in closet and an in-suite bathroom.

Moving further into the plan, you find your self in the open floor plan that incorporates the great room, dining room and kitchen and makes up the core of this home. The great room features a large fireplace along the left wall of the space that is perfect for cozying up next to on a cold winter night.

For the warmer months, the great room gives you access to the large grilling porch on the rear of the home through a large sliding glass door. This large door makes it seem like the outside is inside and vice versa opening the space for large gatherings. The vaulted ceiling of the great room also helps to bolster this illusion by making the entire space seem bigger.

The open floor plan also includes the kitchen which is sure to make any cook incredibly happy. Not only does this large kitchen have plenty of counter space and room for an absolutely enormous range, but it also features a large double pantry that gives you all of the room for ingredients that you would ever need.

The kitchen is separated from the great room by a large island. This large island gives you the perfect place to clean up after one of your perfectly cooked meals and makes sure that you can keep an eye on the comings and goings.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the dining room. This space gives you the only other way out to the grilling porch and has plenty of room for entertaining indoors if the weather is not cooperating.

Behind the wall with the fireplace, you will find a short hallway. This hallway will lead you to one of the bedrooms and a study.

This bedroom is larger than most and is almost like a small master suite. It has a double window that faces the rear of the home and its own in-suite bathroom. The in-suite bathroom has a small walk-in closet for this bedroom. The study sits at the front of the home and has a double casement window.

If you come into the home from the garage, you will find a short hallway that leads to the entry hall. This hall features a large window that gives plenty of natural light to this small space. This hall also has a kid’s nook area that is perfect for storing bags and coats in the bench with the built-in storage area.

Further down the central hall, you will find the half bath, a large linen closet and the laundry area. The laundry room has plenty of space for even the busiest family and has hanging storage running the entire length of one of the walls as well as a soaking sink. Adjacent to the laundry area is a large storage closet that is perfect for storing seasonal items.

Moving down the hall, you find yourself in the master suite. The master bedroom features windows on two of the walls facing the side of the home and rear of the home and boxed ceilings to give the room an elegant and spacious design.

The master bath has plenty of room for you to relax after a hard day at work. This space features a double vanity, a free-standing tub and a corner tile shower. Don’t forget about the large walk-in closet!

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